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This is the best CRM in terms of functionality I have ever used ... I recommend this to all of our licensees!

Heath Brinkley Heath Brinkley, Pasco Homebuyers

This makes my business (and life) run a lot smoother! I wish I would have started using this CRM sooner.

Here's How the Real Estate Investor CRM Process Works:

  • We Copy Our Entire App Pack
  • We Set It Up On Your Podio Account
  • We can Offer More Customization if Needed

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Questions and Answers

  • q-iconIf I am using the free edition of Podio, will the customization work?

    Yes! Unlike other CRM’s the Real Estate Investor CRM using Podio will work with a FREE account.

  • q-iconI don’t have a Podio account. How can I get one?

    You can sign up here. Remember, you will be signing up for a basic Podio account when you sign up, this is NOT the Real Estate Investor CRM that we will be setting up for you.

  • q-iconWhat exactly am I getting when I order the Podio Real Estate Investor CRM?

    The Podio CRM (out of the box) isn’t designed for any business specifically and it’s very “general”. When you order the Podio Real Estate Investor CRM, your system will be customized specifically for you as a real estate investor, providing you with all of the custom fields, workflows and Apps you need to dive right in and start managing your real estate business.

  • q-iconCan I just customize the Podio CRM myself and save money?

    Yes, absolutely! Anyone has the capability of customizing their own Podio CRM. But there is a tremendous learning curve when it comes to creating each App and learning how everything flows and links together. To create the same App Suite that is offered here with the “Real Estate Investor CRM” would take you MANY months of hard work trial and error and possible frustration to achieve.

  • q-iconCan I customize my Podo CRM even more once you install the custom real estae investor CRM?

    Yes. Once the customization has been completed, you’re free to customize your CRM any way you’d like. We even have instructional training videos that will tell you how to customize your CRM even further.

  • q-iconIs there training available for using my new Podio Real Estate Investor CRM system?

    Yes! After you have viewed the “Getting Started” videos you can order addtional one-on- one training and you will receive 1 hou of individual instruction by phone, which will help you implement your new system into your business immediately, so you can be off and running. The cost for this special training is $100 per hour and can be broken into two 30 minute sessions if needed.

  • q-iconHow much does the Podio Real Estate Investor CRM cost?

    The Podio Real Estate Investor CRM custom App Suite is a one time fee of $297.00  There are no monthly fees.  This will work fine with the FREE version of Podio, however, depending on the # of users you have and your subscription levelthere are paid plans you can purchase with Podio.

  • q-iconWhat if I’ve already created a workspace and custom Apps in Podio?

    The customization process won’t be affected by your existing Apps.  If you’ve already created any custom Apps in your account, then we can archive them, install our App suite, then reactivate your existing apps. In some cases we may have to create a new workspace but this is rare.